Problems with forms of Id...

The three options for a Canadian are drivers licence passport or national Id. I have none of them. I have a provincial health card with my DOB and current address on it. This is issued to every resident of British Columbia so they can access health services. This is an official provincial government document. How can I go about using this as an official document. A couple of exchanges have already accepted it.

I sent a support ticket via yoti and instead of solving it they sent me here. So here I am. Help please

Read through the FAQs.

For example…have you tried doing the basic info then uploading the ID to ETN direct?

Thanks for the reply. I am trying to upload it direct through the mobile app and can’t figure out the place to do it at. It was confusing to me when I read about it in the FAQ. Do I need to open another support ticket and then upload my file to the site? Then I couldn’t find how to upload the file. Bit of a techie Luddite I’m afraid.

Log in on etn website via pc and go to accounts settings to upload it.

OK I am in the my.electroneum area there are two different settings to choose from. One is just “settings” and the other is “vendor settings” neither of those to places has anywhere in it that says to me “upload your id” the “settings” area has a “profile” area in it which is asking me to upload my yoti profile… But that’s the problem I’m having. Any other tips?

“Settings” “profile” is the correct section. First complete basic info in my.Electroneum account. You may need to contact team and be added to basic Yoti so you can directly send documents to Electroneum. Again I’ll refer you to the faq because you know the exact issue you’re having but I believe this is the route you need to take.

Yoti won’t allow me to upload my ID

You need to contact support ( ) to make sure you can do a basic Yoti. You will need to fill out some basic information on Yoti (after scanning the QR code on my.electroneum), and then upload your ID onto .

So I have been through this route. I can’t “enter” basic info on yoti. It asks me to scan an Id… Which it then doesn’t accept.

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Did you create your yoti account before linking from my.Electroneum page? If so delete yoti account and go to your my.Electroneum page. If doing from mobile click the yoti box it will link and bring you to Yoti than complete basic info on yoti. After level 1 on yoti go back to my. Electroneum page and send documents directly to Electroneum. You can send me a pm if this does not work and I can try to help further. Keep me updated please. :+1:

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