Problem with YOTI


Guys i am from Serbia…
We maybe will have problem, from our country. Yoti is not allowed for install here… i talk about android, iOS is allowed.
There is probably more country with same thing, this i think can be serious problem…
If anybody help, i will appriciate…

Best regards.


Its done guys.
We are find easy way…
Follow this teps:

  • Clean your play store memory (Settings / Apps and notification / Google Play Store / Storage / Manage Space)
  • Restart your phone
  • When your phone been restarted, open VPN and connect (for exemple use UK)
  • Open Play Store
  • Find Yoti and download (if you cant find at Play Store, go at YOTI official website and download application)

For VPN i use application ExpressVPN
When they ask you for method of payment just click to skip.

Pls write if this works or not to you guys.


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Cerca apk su internet


Do you know how to spoof your location on Google play store?

I used to do it so that i paid half the amount on money for in app purchases. Took my purchase from £99 to £42 if i set it to Egypt.

I have never tried it for an app that isn’t available in a said country but i also can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

I appreciate this isn’t a solution to the problem as we cant expect everyone to do it as its a bit tinkery. But i can share with you how to do it and it will sort you out until a propper solution is found.


Can you explain me pls? Tnx in advance…


I imagine that their will be an independent ETN KYC that may accept KYCs from Yoti. I would also try to sign up for the early KYC by the end of the month.


Me too I have the same problems when I try to install the app say not available to my country have you find a solution


Not yet bro… i mean some of us yes, but not work to all of us…
We try to find way to be 100% succesed to all, and i will probably post here, and share to you guys.


OK if you find the solution let me know pls


Ofcourse bro. :* I will…


I think I can help you with that:

  1. Download Hotspot Shield Free VPN
  2. Skip the Ad that wants to make you pay for it (with a free-trail)
  3. Put your VPN on United States
  4. Go to Settings > Apps> Google Play : Clear all User Data and clear Cache for good measure
  5. Open Google Play and Search for Yoti

I HOPE IT WORKS!!! Crosses fingers

If it doesn’t, try going to
Aptoide fixes most of my issues :smile:


I know this procedure but I don’t want do any this irigulair procedure till I get some news or update from team of electroneum
Thank you so much for your idea brother


I have a problem with YOTI.
In their country list there is not name of mine!
Iran, I mean


just wait the information we transmeted the message and we are all in the same way just we must wait the team of electroneum what say


Hello @neboyshaG the first thing to do is to go through the YOTI process. If there is a problem raise a ticket with our helpdesk and will look to get it resolved.

You can also look at our ‘How to setup a YOTI account’ here:


He clearly stated that he is not allowed to install Yoti. Please read his original post again.