Problem with my wallet after the instant payment update

Hi guys, i love electroneum and what they want to do. I’m very excited for the new instant payment system. However, i just take a look on my wallet and there’s only 4.8 etn left instead of 22k etn that i had before the upgrade.
Who can explain that? I spent money on that coins, don’t really want to lost them like that…
Thank to all of you.

Please update your app and refresh - it is all there. Click on ‘send etn’ button and the balance will refresh.

I’ve already updated my app, and i check my account on the website too, but always the same 4,8 etn. If i check the transaction, i see only a part of all my transaction hystory, and the total of the transaction that the app shows me is more than 4,8 etn. All seems pretty buggy.
Is it possible that my coins been burned during migration?

Yeah I have the same problem on my wallet.It won’t update the available balance . It won’t refresh either on the web or mobile app. The transaction is marked complete for 24 hours already. Also and I think significantly the balance is also showing as 4.86 etn same as the other guy.

That is very unlikely that you see only part of your transaction history since everything is on the blockchain and can not be erased, perhaps you have two different wallets?

I can see the transaction history fine. There is an obvious bug here and that does not look good for ETN. The available balance is what is not updating. The actual balance is correct. But for the moment I can’t send any funds as it says I don’t have it available to send. Several people have now reported this on another thread also.

If the current balance is correct from the block chain then the problem lies with the way the available balance gets updated and that seems like software issues at their end. The mobile app and logging on with the browser both show the same problem so its not the mobile app itself it seems.

There are more people with the same problem i think they will look into this as soon as possible what happend or what is causing the problem hopefully they will fix it :roll_eyes: