Problem With ETN App

I started using the App. a week ago but whenever I minimize the that I can attend to some other things, it shutsdown. What can be done to correct the problem? I use ItelP12, 1.2GHz processor, android 6.0.

I don’t have the same mobile as you, but as this does not seem to be happening to others, I would suggest that you check the settings on your phone to see what happens when you minimize apps. Your phone probably closes apps when minimized, so look for that setting and see if you can turn it off for the Electroneum app, or perhaps ALL apps if that is the only solution.

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Go into the Settings on your phone then it might be Advanced settings this can vary Im not familiar with your phone. You want to find the manager battery part and go into battery optimization. Check that Electroneum is not set to battery optimization, if you can’t find this do some digging and check there are no options regarding power management which is limiting apps background usage or closing them. Also third party software may also do this so check that if you have it too. You could also check that you don’t have too many apps open as depending how much ram you have it will kill some to make space.

As other suggested, there might be an option in your phone setting that kills idle apps

It’s the phone play around with settings make ETn app not sleep in settings

It seems that your device has 512 MB of ram, which may be why, when switching apps it will close what is not a priority and is based on background processes.

I’d suggest checking the settings as mentioned above and see if it happens with only two apps open on your device. You may need to be very conservative in your usage of memory… It may be more a hardware limitation than an app issue.

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