Problem of empty blocks

why we have more empty blocks than normal ones? please, answer me if anybody know it

f2pool mines empty blocks, it’s kinda their thing. They don’t do this only with ETN.

are you sure that this problem is from f2pool? if its right we have to change something

Yes, this is the problem. I wrote them various emails and they don’t assume it, but we all know that. We can’t change anything, they are the biggest pool out there. The only thing that it can be done is to make the rewards smaller, whenever an empty block is mined. In time, they will not do this anymore.

I mine Monero and you can see an empty block once in a while, but not even close to what we see on ETN.

as i remember etn has pool (usa,europe,asia) in my opinion the best solution is that etn has own pool and after this we wont have such problems

I don’t think that’s even possible. Every coin has these various pools, it wouldn’t be normal for a project to have its own pool, not really.

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i know it but i meant something else i thought that if etn would have own pool probably a lot of will use it from f2pool

That’s what I said. But we need decentralization.
And if ETN would create its own pool, the whole project will become even more centralized. We already have a decentralized blockchain, but a centralized app. People already are a bit doubtful about the KYC, as ETN was supposed to be a privacy coin.
The only thing they need to centralize is the exchange. As it would be far better to buy ETN from the team itself, or through an exchange integrated in the app, which will surely be the case with Liquid exchange.

And a centralized pool would be a lot of extra work for the team. Why would they want that, when different pools can make this for them instead? We have empty blocks on every other coin, and our issue with the f2pool will be addressed by the ETN team surely in the near future.

But you could make a new thread regarding a pool created by ETN, I think people will be interested. :slight_smile:

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what do you think i like this idea? no i dont but we need asolution and i know team is working about it because they know at this rate etn blockchain cant handle thousands of transactions because of empty blocks, also empty blocks means somebody take free etn mining reward its nonsense.

It’s now thing of the past

what?if you mean empty block its not problem of the past

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