Problem mining mobile


Hello, I’ve been looking for the answer for 1 month and no support has answered me. Similarly, no one answered me to a concrete answer on the use of mobile mining.

Since the update last August, the mining no longer works properly. I’m at about 30 H/s, that doesn’t change. But, instead of doing 10 ETNs every 2 to 3 days, I do 10 ETNs after 1 month, or even 1 month edemi.
Why such a slowdown? However, the H/s has not changed. Why is it so difficult to receive TNCs?
Before that, things were going very well. Why make your mining, if it’s to get a penny every month?


I think it is because they try to adapt to 3$ a month and the mobile miner is a simulator with air drops


I don’t even see an option to continue mining since the changes to the app in August.
Can anyone help with that please?


I think it is because the value per coin has risen, they control how much you can mine in real term value not the amount of coins.


Its not only slow with regard to mining, but also the miner gets shutdown with no reason. I have checked all the settings, but then, the situation is the same.

Not sure, whats going on.


maybe those unbanked countries(target) mine more than the others… you may also check if your app is updated… in my case i can still mine 10 etn for 3 days not including 8hours of mining during sleeping time… so 10 ETN for 48hours in 3days approximately


My data is here from my miner. But I have 150+ referals so I have boosted mining I mine about 0.3 coins per hour…


these are my minings with only 3 referrals on it


i have 30 referrals, however, the app shuts down itself
Not sure what needs to be done for that
I never used to have that issue earlier…i am using mi6 phone which is relatively good…


We need cloud mining. I was obtaining approx 10 etn every 2.5days. My bro has 10etn every month. Still no resolution.




At the moment, the aidrop won’t work as it should for all, as they are currently trying to adjust the $3/month for all users.


Value rises, plus its free and I won’t complain