Problem again on the way


on the way I can’t add my date of birth details
Because I’m born in the 90s and the year begins from 2013 and ended at 2023,
(Account level two Identify Confirmation)
Any idea what to do next??


check your connection or refresh the tab again…


Alright I have refreshed so many times




Please where did u get this from?


In the Electroneum web site, I’m trying to do the ID verification


just a guess but it might be a weird thing with mobile phones on the etn website. What browser are you using? you could try in chrome using the desktop version


You aren’t the only one running into this:


A fix should have been rolled out for this now, Thanks all.


Yes it’s fixed now very glad


My telephone it page not looks.Only yoti activate.
My documents manually not loaded.How manually I install?


you can try this one


you may open your electroneum on laptop and use your cp to scan the qr code via your yoti app


Qr code Yoti scanned.Yoti automatic id verification passing.

Turkey National id not accepted.

That’s why progress notting.


if you have already connected your yoti app then have you tried passing your document on etn website not on yoti…


congrats for passing the kyc


Yoti not connected.My telephone Yoti download and setup.My phone number and my photo system loaded.But QR code scanned telephone id verification wants.


Hi Imogen,

when I log into webwallet I get the message:

We are currently migrating your wallet to the new instant payment system.

Please try again later.

I asked a few of the knights if they have the same thing but they have full access. could you check whats going on? let me know how to submit a proper support ticket becuase I cant see the help button in my app either. You can tell I havnt logged in for a couple of months lol


Well wait for some 24 hours if it’s the same then raise a support ticket


I remember I raised a support ticket ages ago and found the link to that and raised a new one.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon