Print price tags from desktop wallet + shopping cart on phone app


I’m a small vendor that sells sodas and snacks. I don’t understand all the technical integration stuff. I just want to print off “request a specific amount” QR codes with FIAT VALUES so that when my customers scan it they pay me in the correct fiat value of Electroneum and their phone understands to do the conversion.

Put this in the menu system for the desktop wallet and let us pick the fiat and how many price tags per page and don’t make it use a ton of ink like the paper wallet and make it in pdf format.

People have garage sales so they could do this. If it’s a single tag you could make it a jpg or something posteable on craigslist so people can sell their stuff on craigslist which allows sales for crypto.

Me specifically I want simple standard amounts incremented in quarters, so .25, .50, .75, etc.

edit: I just realized this would require a simple shopping cart to be implemented in the phone app.


this is something that you can already do, not really needed as feature.