Price Predictions Good or Bad! your thoughts?


Hi Everyone

So I wanted get abit of a discussion going and you will be pleased to know this is not a price prediction since there seems to be a new one everyday this is about the impact of price predictions, are they good, bad helpful… what do you think?

Now all the positivity is great and its really nice to see people share there opinions on were ETN will be in the future… however I think it’s also important we remain realistic and not give people who are new to the space unrealistic expectations as we know some people take these price predictions very seriously. I have also seen it have a negative effect as we have abit of reputation as that coin that has a bunch of people predicting crazy numbers which I think hurts the community alittle at times with trust and credibility.

I think we need to just be alittle more cautious of posting slightly outrageous predictions, Im all for saying whatever you want but I think we should consider the effect it may have on new comers putting in money expecting these huge returns very quickly were as most of us have no idea realistically what price ETN is going to be at tomorrow in a week or in a year we can only make an educated guess at best. Im seeing price predictions thrown around very often even with threads created with a price predictions, if were going to help one another make good decisions I think we need to be alittle more reserved with throwing numbers around for the fun of it and put forward good useful easy to understand information.

But anyway let me know what you think is it a good or bad thing or maybe you think it makes no difference at all?


Well if only it won’t offend other community users it’s okay to speculate


Im not talking about offending people, more potentially misinforming people or the image it creates within the community.


Good if they are backed up by some solid reasoning and figures and take into account known deals, supply and market cap.

I don’t think it’s helpful to say, for example, it will be $50 if Richard does a deal with eBay, or if every single person in Nigeria is using ETN. Because these things may never happen.

Bad if they are just figures plucked out of the air that are wishful thinking because that’s the level at which you will be rich. Also creates false hope in the gullible and is just as bad as FUD which might stop them investing when they should do… but maybe it’s their own fault, FUD or hype, if they take investment advice off randomers on internet forums.


Yes well said this is what I feel like I have seen abit more of just random price predictions I don’t really think it helps anyone its rare to see a detailed well thought out prediction. But of course people are free to say what they want this is just to get some healthy discussion going on the topic


I predict one and a half cent in the next 24-48h.


I got to thinking about that one; Electroneum forming a deal with Amazon or Ebay. They won’t need to. Just as wall street and corporations grew up around the central banking system, the next “ebay” or "amazon’ will grow up around Electroneum. Electroneum could provide an opportunity for a small vendor to become the next giant vendor. Therefore, even from a business perspective, Electroneum can help the other 99% of businesses grow and flourish rather than pursuing the 1% of big businesses such as Amazon or Ebay. And the value ETN will grow right along with it.


Yes, these awful unrealistic price prediction videos on youtube do nothing but harm. Lets be honest, no one watches these videos just to ignore them. They watch them because they want some help with speculation. Right now there is a clown called naga bo who is predicting $150,000 per coin as a ‘guarantee’!!! Crazy. There was another nutcase (calls himself fugazi) who predicted etn price at $35 by march 2018. Hes disapeared now thankfully.

A lot of uneducated people watch these videos, buy based on the price predictions, then scream fud all over the place when etn fails to reach those unrealistic predictions. This has been aproblem plaguing us from day 1.


You may have a point, in a sense…but that doesn’t mean that Amazon and Ebay won’t integrate ETN. It could happen.


If eBay thought they could get millions more buyers and sellers from those unbanked folks then you never know.


Yes I agree I don’t think these type of things help us in general, its very easy to speculate and say what if but It would be nice to see people put abit more thought it some of the things they are speculating about. It gets alot of people excited then as you say leaves them very disappointed when these things don’t happen.


eBay seriously need some competition to make them sit up and take notice, but not sure if a crypto based version is going to be the one to do it. There are quite a few “alternatives to ebay” out there and none have made the breakthrough to the big time. It’s really frustrating because they just get away with whatever they want as a result. Anyway, but of a sidetrack there…sorry.


As far as I know we have:

Mobile operator announcement in Oct that will be using ETN solution
103 million potential users in deals already sewn up
Much Bigger deals in the pipeline plus one Richard really wants to talk about.
10 million user target at least for 2019
KYC/Instant payments/Mobile Mining will enable more fintech deals and user adoption of the 99% + 1%
10,000 merchants
If any ETF is approved then BTC will x6-10 boom on the USD price anyways.

All the best!!!


Imo it will hit the $0.2 target before january 2019 and hopefully will continue like that until $0.5 or even $1.


I think the beautiful thing about ETN is that it can be integrated with pretty much anything…from a small “mom and pop” store to a big corporate.


In this bear market trend the lead indicator is Bitcoin (BTC). BTC have a lot of resistens line upwords and a almost a all time high with shorts. For me to be bull with BTC in need to go above 7500.

In the altcoin market there have been a ton of good news lately for many coins, so a growth in altcoins was not the biggest surprise, but so mutch move in the altcoins i did not imagine.

XRP have done extreme well, a coin i don’t like at all, a pump and dump coin
Ethereum might have signs of trend change.

Electroneum have been on a ride so i will refer to the charts

The chart is setting higher high and lower high. since it is low volume it might look like a big buyer that is scooping up coins. If looking at the time @eFiJy might be very close in price. and that is on Cryptopia

At the Liquid exchange the price is a bit higher and the price is trending the same way.

Resistens line i find at 130, 150, 175 and support at 110 and 130 satoshi.

So with this low volume we need another week with Higher high and higher low to confirm a trend change and buyers to come in and be bullish. Another big factor is the weekend, i expect the volume to drop and also the price. If the price keep the pace in this weekend i become a big bull.

We need to obtain the volume to keep the price go. From my point of view it is all about volume and user numbers. Happy days


ETF is postponed to 29 desember. I can’t care less because BAKKT is coming in November and that is alot bigger


Say it M-kid, i can see you are thinking about something :slight_smile:


The bottom line is either the price prediction is right or it is wrong. If someone says a coin will be worth 1000x in 1 year and it is 1000x 1 year later then it was right on, if someone says the coin will be worth 10% more in 5 years and is 99% less in value in 5 years that prediction was worse than the 1000x prediction. The rule of thumb should be that there is zero guarantee and the bottom line is that you can loose all you money. If you invest knowing that you could lose it all then I don’t care if you say ETN is going to be worth $1, $35, $100 or $150,000. They are all guess and should be viewed as prediction and not as facts.


Just noticed that ETN made the crypto list on CNBCs BTC video at 4:07 (19 Sep)