Price Prediction in reality


Having all black and white days in past, what do you think where ETN is standing today.

I think after instant payment successful test and some bullish market etn should cross 10c??

what you say?


Almost an impossible question to accurately answer. We could hit 1 penny this time next year or $10.00 per coin. Can we hit 10 cents again yes if we have bull market, mass adoption, new partners, and FOMO kicks in. When these thing happen you are going to talk about a coin that is dollars and not in penny’s. As for time frame it could be months or many years before this happens.


Please don’t listen to anyone who gives you price predictions, they are a guess at best. There are so many things to take into consideration. I think the price is going to go up with future announcements and deals but by how much who knows.

Having knowledge of were a coin is going to be in the future is so hard because its not just about what Electroneum is doing but also the whole market, regulations, goverment, news. There are other projects targeting the same unbaked market as ETN, you also have to take into consideration other coins that aren’t competing with ETN.


so far etn is due

Instant payment
couple of bigger exchanges
Apple OS app
Mass marketing
Paypal integration

why still there isn’t much hype in market … i would want to see the price goes up to the ICO if not above… lets hope in coming days we see some good bullish days, thanks for your reply


we haven’t exited the bear market yet… other coins increase becoz of releasing something big that will move the masses… we want etn to increase its price slow and steady… we call it investment becoz it is for long term… etn is only at its infancy stage, you cannot expect much from a new born baby… wait till it become adult and you can marry


I think in 2 years we could be sitting at 20 US cents


My price prediction: Who knows. Could be .00681 USDT one year from now, or it could .01 USDT or 1 USDT. Who knows.

I got into ETN because I saw something different with the team behind it. Other coins either have invisible teams, teams that look like bitconnect types of criminals, or teams that are very tech savvy but have zero or little business connections to create a use-case for their coin. The business team behind ETN (not the tech developers) have some big name connections with proven track records. So there’s potential there to forge big partnerships and use-case scenarios in the future. So in my opinion, I’m relying on the business team to have the most influence on the value of this coin. But they got to have a fully functional product first, and that’s what they are waiting on. One can’t go to an Amazon-like distributor and say “hey, we got this insta-payment app out that hasn’t even been beta tested yet, want to strike up a partnership?”. No, before they go to any big dogs with business proposals, they need to be able to say “Hey, we have an ecosystem with a fully integrated bulletproof payment system that gives our registered vendors with accounts exposure to millions of potential consumers with accounts. Our vendors have seen 10%-1000% increases in revenue they didn’t have before as a result”. <–That’s when the ETN starts getting sucked off the market like a big hoover vacuum. Does that mean that will really happen? Don’t know, but the potential is there. That’s what investing is all about sometimes, just seeing potential in something with no crystal ball.


Probably 20 cents end of this year if the whole product is published and the marketing campaign is run.
In the following years, probably 1 dollar in 2019 and 5+$ in 2022.
Only my opinion.


Scoop it up on the dip. From today’s prices to $0.20 the all time high is %3500. $500 USD investment at today’s prices will be worth about $40,000.00 USD when it goes back to $0.20 USD. I will hold for 5 years and give the project time to infiltrate the world.


Two or three cents by the end of this year would be tremendous and also appropriate.


Very Nicely put…! (Vision and Patience )



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Price will go up eventually. There’s too less volume on the exchanges. The only volume right now is Asic miners selling their ETN. Most of the people are hodling. just wait when the marketing begins


No real point in price speculation day after day. No one know whats going to happen. We can only assume the price will go up after the marketing campaign begins or after some of the mous with these mobile operators start to deliver guaranteed users. The only thing any holder knows for certain is to buy the dips. Price will rise eventually. Remember, you haven’t lost anything until you sell.


Agreed, most people don’t want to hear a realistic price prediction, which if the Bitcoin Gorilla market continues we are more than likely going to see at 50-90% drop in ETN price from our current price which may take us down to .0025 to .0010usd. The potential gains from buying at these low prices are going to be record setting gains when we do come out of this market which in all reality may last 12-18 months or longer. People need to prepared to hold long term meaning years if not you will more than likely be taking a massive loss.


I intend to be a part of these record setting gains. Not selling a single coin. Unfortunately, I agree with your assessment about the huge losses. Everything works in balance and for every one of us holders im sure there will be people who sell at a loss. The ones still making all those “when lambo” posts will eventually get bored and sell, even in this terrible market. Their mistake, their loss.


This also applies to crypto currency investingFantastic-Warren-Buffett-Quotes


Exactly. Let the young learn patience if they wont hold. Macro economics… theres only so much money in crypto right now because theres only so many people investing in it right now. Im holding and not even thinking about the price until after we see mass adoption.