Price prediction and thoughts on New bull Run in mid October 2019


Well thats transactions on the blockchain.
Look it up if you want.
You’re on another subject altogether.
Nothing to do with trades.


@Pahini Just answering @PrestoCrypto he asked a question… :wink:


The question was directed to my post?


@Pahini It doesn’t matter fire away…


I just want to find out who the question was to and what the three lil blobs are .
(Those emojii things.)


@Pahini How much of it is bots driving the price?

I believe was the question asked. As he used robot :robot: heads. :wink:


I cant even see them .
I have no idea, its painful asking a question halfway down a page with no label


Sorry I wasn’t clear than I fell asleep :joy: I meant I wonder how many of those accounts are bot accounts. Somewhat how we just got rid of the bots and clone bots on the cloud miner. I wonder if they have any protocol for so such things. Otherwise some of those transactions could be bots sending to main account. Hope this makes sense


@PrestoCrypto That’s exactly what I thought you meant my friend. :blush:


If they are not kyc and decentralized is there anyway of recording such actions. I remember playing some apps back in the day and some people would make multiple accounts and send resources made on the other accounts to the main. I don’t know one way or another I’m just curious. Imo it could be someone sending stuff back and forth just like if two people sent toikens back and forth to each other all day. Would it still not be transactions recorded on the blockchain? Yes it would be. So it is very hard to determine the true organic growth of it. Still interesting though @The-Magic-Man @Pahini .


@PrestoCrypto Like Markus and Willy on MyGox back in the day!?


I won’t comment on that specifically.

What I mean is for instance if we transferred coins to each other @The-Magic-Man all day it would be recorded on the blockchain as blockchain transactions and transaction volume. But it is not “true” transaction volume imo. If someone has multiple dapp accounts and sending between using the blockchain it is recorded as a blockchain transaction. So someone could easily influx these numbers Imo by sending transactions by using the blockchain. While it is good it is hard to distinguish organic growth and mass use other than a few mass using the blockchain to make it appear that way. So somewhat similar @The-Magic-Man I’m pretty sure you get what I mean :+1:


I was only suggesting that it was noticed when these users were online and that makes it distinguishable and so organic growth can be seen in the same way, I hope that when fully regeulated people will be accountable for these kind of trades which is why I think 95% of all Alt Coins will die. The barter system will be responsible for Mass Adoption in my opinion. I can’t see a way to measure that though. @PrestoCrypto


In that instance I agree, in time I see things changing with regulations. Electroneum will be easier to measure in time Imo when more of the supply is in the ecosystem and the supply is in high demand :+1: @The-Magic-Man


This is why we aware having so many coins mined so quickly in my opinion, it’s to get a workable currency solution out in minimal time @PrestoCrypto


I agree if you’re trying to obtain mass adoption you need plenty of coins in the ecosystem :+1: