Price prediction and thoughts on New bull Run in mid October 2019


I was wondering if we reached 20 million users by the next bull run and if Bitcoin reaches $60k in the new run. This isn’t a way out there figure for Bitcoin because it is only three times the last peak. What would ETN be worth?

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If every user with ETN has $30 in their wallets that makes a coin cap of $600 million dollars. Now multiply that out by the bull run on 30x scale and you would have a $18 billion coin cap for ETN. That would give our Token/Coin a value of $2 dollars. Factor in all the hard work that has gone into the project and the achievements so far especially gig economy coming soon and I believe that the initial $30 is a vast understatement of the coin cap. What are others predictions!?


This is more for @B.F.A.
He has done most of the calculations.
Im sure he has them at hand.


I hope @B.F.A doesn’t mind I have borrowed one of his charts.


In the chart above it shows that come mid October a bull market cycle will start and it will take time from there to grow maybe a year or two to the peak.


The way I was looking at gig economy was that the people purchasing the work would maybe have a budget for the year and put aside maybe $1000 out of it. Increasing the coin cap by buying ETN and slowly purchasing from other people in the world that have skills which would give them a much higher wage than normal. If they are unbanked they will not be able to withdraw to FIAT and the coin cap will remain high and ETN will be used as a stand alone currency in those areas. This would then in turn give unbanked people savings making my $30 a wallet very low on both sides of the market. Does this seem to make sense to everyone else?


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A reality check on mass use and price.

We arent TRX.Im more than aware of economies of scale.


Still no increase in price…its actually declining in a falling wedge.


I wonder how much of that is :robot: :robot: :robot: ? :thinking:

It is nice seeing other ecosystems being used and advancing. Better for the whole ecosystem having a real use case and healthy competition.


The growth curve on blockchain points to 2027 to every business on the blockchain.

We got plenty competition on the west from other mobile payment systems.

The unbanked is another story altogether.


Once that declining wedge hits support then it can only go one way @Pahini


See what happens this week.
Im ready for it anyway.


I would say a large percentage like maybe upto 10% maybe higher… it needs stopping as previously said it’s unethical and isn’t allowed in the stock market. You are only allowed to do shadow trades there. @PrestoCrypto

In itself if enough people are shadow trading it’s almost a pump and dump in my opinion.