Price manipulation KuCoin


Who’s doing this on KuCoin??? Just logged in to see it…! This is UK time 6.44pm image|281x500

Let's Complain to Kucoin about Bots that manipulate the ETN price on a massive scale!

There are trading bots on KuCoin that are constantly selling to lower the price of the coin. This has been the case since the beginning with they and are Shitty exchange for allow it to happen, all they have to do is put a minimum of like 500etn or more per trade to stop it from happening.


Always kills a lot of our gains, almost like fighting a losing battle


It’s not a losing battle eventually we will win the battle if we all keep buying coins from them and hodl them now and then there will be a time they will run out of coins to sell and then the people who manipulated the price will feel bad probably because they could have made much more :yum:


I definitely agree… I noticed those strange transactions several times on kucoin. Its usually like 20x 1,72etn sold heavily under Its trading value…


It’s this shit that gives crypto a bad name. Hope ETN buries the bots :facepunch:t4:




And heres the Counter-Strike :smiley:


I agree @JC88 believe me in the future things like SEC and such will get rid of these manipulations in the market and all of us together can burry the ETN bots to the ground! :blush:


Awesome work @Dave_Czech_Republic if we all keep fighting them then eventually we will prevail! :rocket:


@Dave_Czech_Republic we already started that!


Cryptopia is leading the way in any case, so no problem.