Price check poll

How often do you check the price of ETN?
Please participate in my poll below.

:white_circle:l every month or so.

:white_circle: about once every couple of weeks

:white_circle: at least once a week

:white_circle: every couple of days

:white_circle: every day

:white_circle: several times a day

:white_circle: on the hour every hour

:white_circle: every 30 minutes

:white_circle: every 5 minutes or so.

at least once a week

I check it whenever I open my phone using a widget

The widget can be set to update the chart and price data automatically in every minute as shortest or in every hour as a longest period. I use the “never” settings and when I open my phone I touch the chart and then it’s updating. So on average I check the price every 10 minutes:)

I have a little crytocurrency price displayer, it updates the price every 10 seconds. I have it sitting by my living room tv so I can see it whenever I want to.


Thats pretty cool.

Is it a raspberry pi with screen??

I’m not sure. I ordered it off etsy and didn’t take it apart lol.

Thats probably the first thing I would have done!!

I bet you would have. Some people are naturally good at putting things back together, I’m not one of them lol

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