Price Analysis of Electroneum (ETN) as on 15th May 2019

This hurts :frowning: Im holding since ICO and have a lot of ETN now… still holding but im looking for reasons why! Im sure that when I sell the price goes up becouse thats how I allways roll :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone cheer me up please im getting really depressed!!!

cheers from Holland


Not financial advice:
I’m a ICO holder myself, I’ve bought past dips. My last buy was 47 SATS
I’ve bought 16 times more ETN than initial ICO purchase, still a believer :pray:


One thing to remember , to quote a cheesy movie …



Not to worry @d320d4e552ad22469e7c all is well and good.
The best things come to those who wait…

When we’re on the moon waving down at btc and the rest of the world. This will all feel like a distant memory or an episode of dallas all just a bad dream…

Welcome to the community its great here . Its like a favourite chair or comfortable blanket.

In all seriousness . There is absolutely nothing to worry yourself about . I have complete faith in the team and if you look at it this way. We only have one way to go and thats UP



I’d be happy with £0.03 by the end of this year :slight_smile: