Prepaid card possibility


I’ve talked about this before and I just want to bring it up on here. We need to eventually have ETN gift cards that can be physically purchased from vendors. This will be the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to convert ANY fiat to ETN by bypassing the exchange process. I think this will help us really grow exponentially. Or even the vendors themselves can act as the exchange by simply selling some of their to customers. Not sure about the legalities of that though. I know PayPal is going after the unbanked using this method and I think we should as well


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Prepaid cards as of now might be impossible legally and create privacy issues with keys. Gift cards can be built offline at so only the person giving the gift and the person receiving the gift see the keys no one else. This is different from a pre-paid card. This is the only way gift cards can work with ETN. Purchasing Electroneum directly could hopefully be done at like a Coinbase in the future.


That’s awesome. This can work just as well. Sell paper wallets to load up the digital wallets and skip the exchange process. ETN in app exchange would be cool as well but I’m sure that will take some time of it ever develops.


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Just said “Generating” and nothing happens, no download


It takes a few seconds depending on your computer speed. But just tested it again and works smooth. ETN Gift Cards are a little bigger files than a plain paper wallet due to the images.


Ok so maybe it’s because it’s my phone then?


What kind of phone are you using?


Google Pixel 3 just got it


Oooh, I have a Pixel XL, I love it. Now I actually have phone envy! Nice, very nice indeed!!!