Practical Concerns of Hodling for the Present & Future: Security, Financial Decisions, Etc


Im excited about the announcements too @M44FFW


I believe (and that’s all, just belief,) that if you buy goods or services with ETN according to what I have read that it is then taxable as there is a fiat value to your purchase. I could be wrong…ask my wife, it happens a lot. Tread carefully when it comes to the Queens money, I saw on a video…you dont F. with the queens money!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


This is a good point, thank you.

Regardless of how it goes, I’m happier with the 20% tax rather than the 40% I was expecting and the knowledge I can share the wealth as ETN before tax with the family and let them pay the tax bill at 10% :slight_smile:



Thanks @CaptainMarvel


I used
I linked my accounts to add all my trades and created a tax report.


Just noticed this thread that @B.F.A started.

SECURITY Some may and will try to steal your values

No shortage of scams out there, be careful everyone.


I thought it was important to have a place to put out security risks. And then we would get a database that can help people if they come in a situation where they could get help in decision making, i hade hope more users would be helpful to keep it updated so it always would be relevant. Security must be top priority regardless of the effort the ETN team, they can only do so much to protect us with the system, but in the end it is our behavior and decision making that makes us targeted for attacks, and that goes for every coin or exchange


Thanks for starting it @B.F.A! :+1:

And very well said.

As a community, we all need to be “Semper Vigilans,” that is to say Always Vigilant.