POW to POS for future transactions( higher TPS)

I would like to thank ETN team for creating this forum and i would like to share some thought that i hope it might be helpful.

I know most of you have gone thought the last bull run that happens in 2017 and due to the large number of transactions, of BTC and ETH , we have noticed slow down in there blockchain and sometime it took over 24 hours to process a transaction. ETH blockchain faced similar situation with high traffic of transactions.

ETN hashrates might be suffient now for the current volume and number of users but we have be prepared for the upcoming when we have thousands or millions of transactions that will be happening at the same time. Many mainnet have switched to proof of stake to coop up with high speed and TPS upto 2200 in some cases and i hope we will have a plan for ETN prior reaching the ultimate goal in mass adoption. Its is greener and does not require that much energy.

Yes I tend to agree. I wonder about how the network can perform with millions of transactions. We have some interesting times ahead. The power issue is important too for the environment. Worth discussing for sure. I guess at some point it won’t be possible to change though…

@ETNCEO has already has a plan for masses.
You should checkout AAT’s interview series where Richard explained it.

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Seems to me that we need as many people as possible mining ETN(asics) now and into the future.