Position etn as bitcoin's '2nd layer solution'-Integrate ability to hold bitcoin nd exchange it with electroneum in the ETN wallet

I hear it commonly said at the moment by bitcoin advocates and many in the crypto space that bitcoin can be become a global store of value but it may be that a ‘second layer’ solution is required for day to day transactions.

Electroneum can try to position itself as this second layer solution. Some steps that could be taken toward this could be to integrate bitcoin and the ability to exchange bitcoin with ETN inside the electroneum wallet. People could then transfer a small amount of their bitcoin onto the app, change it for a quantity of etn and then use that etn for day to day or smaller transactions. eg. convert 0.01 bitcoin into etn in one go, then use that etn to make multiple smaller transactions.

We never know what the team are up to. With the coming launch of Gig Fair perhaps Gigs will be able to be bought with BTC as well as USD/GBP whatever. We are all waiting and wondering. Certainly with the Claro announcement that a third party are enabling the purchases maybe we will see something as you have suggested above…