Pool pay, but in wallet not appear


hy, i mine ETN on fairhash website, pool send payment every day to my wallet, but in wallet last payment is at 24.11.2018

my address: etnk9TedcfiZ3BdwY52LBj8cwnXmNpQqF7AdCcZzvBRmcB2PEn34r4t57pJC4qb1DTGryNa6vWxyrXxpvzcV41aS9Q62sdGFu7

have ideea why ?


A lot of people think that blockchain refresh itself - nope you need to relogin or click to refresh button. If its still not there check the status of send and if you have tr Hash try to find it in blockchain explorer to know hoch much confirmation you received… but 1 st touch the refresh button in wallet :wink:
You need touch this button near the bell