Plss Help with my ETN Wallet, it Failed while i was sending ETN

Plss Help with my ETN Wallet it Failed while i was sending my ETN and my available Balance is zero but in my wallet balance i can still see my Coins and worst is i can’t try sending again because as you can see in the Picture it won’t Allow me to send because it says You do not have enough available balance to make an outgoing transaction, Please Help me what to do.

just wait. balance will go to available balance.


Also you might want to try leaving about 1000 ETN for sending out that much, you might experience less issues. I know CLI wallet loves to withhold much larger amount than just the fee for sending large transactions.

Oh and be sure to click on the blue “Find out more” located within your failed transaction, to get details on error code 56, and as CryptoMatt stated, your Electroneum will be available after some time.

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i already click, it says try again later but i cannot try because it wont allow me to send again ETN. Hopefully my ETN will be back to my wallet :sob:

it will… but if the problem persist then you can contact support and present the proof and they will fix it for you

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Howe did it go? problem solved?