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Hi everyone we are in a few polls that are worth commenting on Coindesk - What is best Crypto Christmas Gift …

Bank of england Most Preffered XMAS gift -

Binance considering community vote again

These are all worth a vote and as retweets give us an opportunity to get some of the facts out that people dont know. so consider the following

Electroneum is leading the crossover to Mass adoption- The facts speak for themselves

Fastest growing cryptocurrency ever 2.7m accounts- 400k social followers

Market leader, others talk we do - Vendor API easy integration, anyone with smartphone can become a vendor- KYC/AML- ahead of the curve as now everyone realising importance- mobile wallet, community platformlow fees, instant payment

Top Ranks - Top 10 Facebook, Twitter. Top 10 on chain payment transaction count, Daily active wallets. Top 5 alexa ranking.

Overall focus on financial inclusion, the more we achieve in industrialised nations the more we can support emerging countries

Multiple corporate partners in place

Gig economy, cloud mining, Partner rollouts coming

Please Vote, comment, share !!

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!
Electroneum Voting Poll Thread Please Vote ! ⚡
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Thank you for putting this together Chris I will share and get voting :+1:


Thanks @chris.gorman
Left comments.
All Electroneum comments :heart: and retweeted.
Great advertising.


I voted, liked and commented on all of them but especially love the idea of the Bank of England checking out Electroneum!


Thanks Chris, what a strong community we have! Keep up the amazing work :zap::purple_heart::chipmunk::orange_heart::chipmunk::green_heart::chipmunk::zap:


Liked, commented and retweeted @chris.gorman let’s get the word out everyone!


Here are tweet from our CEO so plese like and retweet them.

Thanks for the support and join our incredible supportive community at Twitter. Join our army :slight_smile:
We need more power more retweets to be more visible. We need soldiers from every country at the world. :wink: join us we need YOU


Matey, If @chris.gorman or our beloved CEO , Richard doesnt offer you a job in Marketing this year,
They are just missing the boat!
Great work @Mr.CryptoCZ.
Im going to twitter it up now!!