Please show balance with Fiat conversion on first screen we login mobile app

I have to click about 6 time to get the Fiat amount of my balance. Please do this automatically on first page when I open the app as most finance apps do this already. It doesn’t take much processing power but can add up to allot of clicks over my lifetime :grinning:

Do you want people to get depressed, seeing the Fiat amount of my balance is the last thing i want to see unless the price suddenly moons then i wouldn’t mind seeing it. And it’s only 3 clicks to to get to the calculator.


I suspect this is on the books…the fact the app settings section has a “currency” option in “More” implies it will show FIAT amounts around the app in your preferred currency.

when you go to send ETN it does show you the value in fiat.

Well it’s a wallet so the balance should be the first thing I see

It’s a ETN wallet so you see your ETN balance.

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