Please don’t be seen to be attacking bitcoin!

I notice in a couple of the recent electroneum announcements there has been some emphasis on the blockchain update reducing environmental impacts and also pointing out (fairly in my view) how the bitcoin mining is very concentrated to a few regions and mining pools.
However I would urge the team to be careful not to be seen to be attacking bitcoin, and instead to be seen as a complementary additional option, focused on another use case and bringing more people into crypto.
The reason I say this is because one of the the foundations of cryptocurrency’s rise has been the unshakeable belief that many in the space have that bitcoin will become become a global currency and store of value. If ETN is seen to be attacking bitcoin in any way I think that will generate a lot of negativity from people in the crypto space towards electroneum.

Bitcoin will always be the King

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I agree. ‘Outpaced’ wasn’t the best word to use to the rest of our crypto community.

Plenty of projects doing some great things that have outpaced Electroneum in many areas.

Ie sweatcoin - 10 million downloads. They outpaced you with only 4 employees.

Bitcoin is primarily price based and we haven’t outpaced it in that sense…


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I dont know. If gigfair takes off that market is in the hundreds of billions.

but whatever floats your boat. BTC is still a dinosaur.

The better picture to paint would be to not have to deal in BTC.


What kind of person talks smack to a crypto project that is doing things to help combat poverty, promote financial inclusion and entrepreneurial spirit and then compares the project to one that excludes anyone with a disability that prevents them from walking.

Perhaps its biggest limiting factor is that its basic membership limits users to amassing just five coins per day. It does allow for upgrades to the base membership but that does require a payment — in sweatcoins. For example, five SWC per month pushes you to the level of Shaker where you’re allowed to earn 10 sweatcoins per day. The next membership level is Quaker which costs 20 SWC per month and permits 15 SWC a day. Finally, the Breaker membership costs 30SWC per month and allows for up to 20 SWC per day.

They aren’t even remotely in the same class as ETN.

What a ridiculous statement.

Comparing sweatcoin to ETN lol.

Sweatcoin also recently announced a Trouble Maker membership it plans on releasing soon, although there aren’t any details available as to what it will cost per month or how many SWCs are allowed to accrue each day.

No cash trades… for now

One question a lot of new users ask about Sweatcoin is whether you can trade the currency for cash or PayPal credit — like you can with Bitcoin. At the moment, this isn’t possible, though there have been rumors since the app launched in 2015 that it’s the company’s ultimate end goal.

Despite any formal announcements on the matter, co-founder Oleg Fomenko told TechCrunch in January that its long-term vision includes plans to develop an “open-source blockchain DLT technology that will allow Sweatcoin to be traded like any other major crypto- or fiat currency.” For now, however, the currency essentially operates like a rewards program similar to those you find with airlines, credit cards, and various mobile apps.

They don’t even have a blockchain, aren’t listed on any exchanges and have been around since 2015.

What a goofy comparison

Source for quotes

What a boring response. Telling me stuff I already know. Thank you!

If you read my comment again Its simplist form possible and exactly how it was intended without getting but hurt let me know genius! If not. Keep spewing me research. :grin:

And apologies - when on earth this did I slate Electroneum? helping poverty, poor people etc.

You need to get your eyes tested and maybe your head at this point :slight_smile:

Don’t make me use this folks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So that’s not talking smack? I imagined the entire thing? lol okay

You belive that sweatcoin is in the same realm as ETN, but you suggest that I may need my head examined?

Lol, w/e you obviously aren’t even worth my time, if these are examples of your mental prowess.


My comment stated nothing of the sort.

If they are different things and you are aware they are completely different things, then why the comment?

Why would an app that uses gps and motion sensor need more than 4 devs? What was your point if you weren’t trying to talk smack about ETN and insult their devs at the same time?

You can’t talk your way out of it just because I called you out on your BS.

Own it. You were exposed as the clown you are playing.

From the initial opening reponse to my comment, from that point you’ve lost any credibility to have any form of intellectual conversation :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend :grin:

Comparing the number of downloads of simple rewards app that has been in existence since 2015 to an actual real life crypto currency, fintech payments platform app that has a blockchain is a bizarre comparison is what I’m saying.

It’s two completely different things attracting different users, aimed at different markets, solving different problems.

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I have to agree. It was not worded correctly.

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I would agree with the sentiment of the OP, but I don’t necessarily believe the announcement was attacking or provoking Bitcoin and thus it’s maximalist followers.

Sometimes when making a strong point - it might be necessary to use direct language.