Please assistance needed to create ETN payment for my online property advertising web portal

My website is set to receive payments via PayPal only. Only Paypal allow me to create a re-current payment system which eventually is controlled by the user. I’d like to allow users to pay with ETN. Can a re-current system put in place? Any help is appreciated. I will pass any info to my web developer.

Hello, I’m not 100% sure if that’s possible at the moment. I do know that they are planning on adding the ability to set up subscriptions for vendors users. I think I remember Richard saying this was going to be happening soon, but I’m unsure of the time frame. Its would be a smart move to allow users to pay with ETN with regards to paypal fee costs, versus Electroneum Instant Payments which is free.

Electroneum are also offering massive exposure to businesses who are using their vendor “gateway”. I’m sure someone else can give you a better answer than this. I just thought I’d reply with what I know since there aren’t any replies to your question.

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Thanks Chris!

Sorry for the late reply.