Playstore - In App Purchases /Subscriptions

People want to buy ETN but it’s difficult.

Imagine a 99 cent day boost, $19.99 7 day Asic, $99 Monthly Asic mining package with or without subscriptions ;subscriptions better.

It’s not buying like an exchange it’s mining ETN with a paid plan to get more.

Imagine when cloud mining hits paired with subscriptions this could really drive revenue!

In app purchases sounds good it’s also a good way to transfer local currency to ETN. The mining boost will really make ETN unique. Very good ideas! Hope the team looks at this.

In app purchase would be a game changer. You’d have to partner with exchanges and apply a surcharge I’m sure, but how easy would it be? KYC in the app, then pass that info to the exchange(s) who are actually selling ETN. Users would not have to go through the considerable hassle of registering with various exchanges, buying BTC (or LTC or whatever), moving it around, buying ETN, moving it back to the wallet. Just download app, KYC, add Credit or Debit info, click, click, ETN in your ETN wallet.

This would for sure increase revenues and as well as stability of ETN price. it’s quite a process today to convert fiat money into ETN. I don’t even know if it’s possible to convert from ETN to EUR or USD?