Plan for de-dollarization of the US Dollar and complete financial collapse ! ETN has a chance to replace the world currency reserve!



While there may be a plan to lower the value of the dollar, Christopher Green is a bit of a sensationalist. Let’s just be careful about what we assume about the future and who we take seriously in the meantime.


Many people know that the mainstream economy is going to collapse soon. Some are saying October - but others estimate any time from now in the next two years. It’s inevitable that it will happen and that’s when crypto will really take off. We are in for some interesting times very soon. Best to prepare for it the best way you can.


while alot of this stuff sounds believable as far back as 2008 I was hearing many people saying the US economy was gong to collapse at any time in the next few years I heard it over and over and there was alot of certainty so while I don’t know alot about this and not saying its not going to happen Im skeptical. I think its possible for sure in the future crypto will take the place of standard fiat money but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.


Good old of bit of fear porn. With that said, he’s only really talking about the inevitable. It would be interesting to see what would happen if a 2008 or worse type “financial crisis” as they like to call it were to happen. Money pouring into crypto? Better in crypto than in the bank!

It’s interesting, because the “crisis” is the time that the banks swallow up all the valuable hard assets for nothing.


I think most people understand the world is run by corporations etc. Crypto puts the money mostly back in the hands of the people so it should do well if there is a collapse. Many people believe the system has to collapse as its a huge ponzi scheme with banks and governments just printing money out of thin air. Time will tell. It pays to be informed but no point in worrying about things you can’t control either. Just wait and see and be ready for anything.


Yep. I’ve been hearing every year since about 2010 that an economic collapse is inevitable within the next two years.