Physical Electroneum ETN Crypto Coins


You can purchase these limited Collector Coin´s for just 9.95 here:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:
Amazon Germany:
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Ebay Worldwide:


Awesome! Looks cool! So it’s made of iron?

Do you have any physical pictures of it instead of mockups?


The above picture isn’t a mockup, it´s a photo from an professional photographer. Material is iron as described.

Just took two pictures on my own (including and excluding capsule) and here they are:


I just purchased two coins out of Europe. Super stoked to get them as they look just like the one in the picture!


Oh that’s awesome @Cryptos i think i will buy some in Europe also :open_mouth: and sooner or later i still will buy the silver one to when i can :thinking:


Btw: Our Coins are limited to 1.000 pc´s only. Maybe we will produce some colored ones if Electroneum Fans/Hodler/Collector´s are interested…


What’s the size of this, compared to say… an American coin. Half dollar?


Diameter: 3.8cm (approx. 1.5")


I’m going to order one from Amazon uk tomorrow.
Just can’t decide on the matt or mirror finish :thinking:


Well done for the design. Good job.

I just purchased 1 matt and 1 Mirror from ebay. Eagerly waiting for these coins to arrive.


There is an expensive real silver one.


The price for one real silver ounce is approx. $14.50 atm. I recommend buying 20 real silver ounces if you want to invest into real silver instead of $299 for one single decoration coin.


Just noticed that there’s actually a thread for the physical coin! Lucky owner of one here. Friends asking what that is, perfect for mass adaption :smiley:


Some more pics, hope u like it:


Can you post a photo of your coin?


I don’t have cash, neither my credit card around. Can I pay with ETN? :smiley:


I got the matte one!


Amazing!!! I also prefer that matte finish (looks like a fresh mined coin) :slight_smile:



Btw: Does someone know where to find “Electroneum Accepted” (in different languages) Images?


Here are mine