Photograph an item, sell it online for ETN


Hi all,

Here is another part of the out-of-box POS system that I’ve been working on.

Note: The video ends abruptly due to my awesome lack of skills with video editing :rofl:

The idea:
Photograph or list any item you want to sell using the mobile based Positron app.
As soon as you save it on your phone, the item is available on your own semi-customisable website that shares the same data as the positron app.

This web site can be self hosted, or web hosted provided access to MSSQL server is allowed.
Anyone can then buy it via electroneum or credit card.

The geek:
This uses a Visual Basic server code, and ASP client web page to handle the API polling via ‘method 3’ and is a rather ugly hack-conversion from PHP.
All values are either entered by the customer, or pulled via a database and stored in sessionStorage / cookies.

The Future:

  1. Fix receipts and other web issues
  2. Allow user to view status of orders / receipts
  3. Create windows (or phone?)-based admin backend for processing web sales
  4. Get rich!


This is amazing! Love your work @SteveElliott.

So how easy would it be for users to set up and connect the web hosting for this?


It’s still all in a developmental stage…
But so far:

There’s a windows install package that downloads mssql express, creates the database and requests basic company settings. It needs major updating !

When I have the windows client going, it will add this to desktop. And should ‘optionally’ install IIS server and attatch the website. And provide links to the android / iOS pos.

The website is currently a template I’m building, sitting on my home pc. Currently a user would have to download it as a zip file, extract and host it on the same machine as the database- they can’t be on seperate domains yet :slightly_frowning_face:

The site and database can be hosted anywhere, as long as mssql access is also permitted.
An admin could simply register a cheap domain and point it at their static IP, or a hosting company could set it up.
If I ever get the $$$ I could offer my own hosting as part of a VIP service.

Then there’s the android mobile install, which is the offline point of sale. Its not on app store yet.
Upon loading, it will ask for an internet or Wi-Fi ip address of your server. Enter those and it works.
I plan to add domain-to-ip handling, so staff could enter into those fields and it would work

So right now, not easy… as it’s all in parts, and those parts are all half finished :yum:
This is my hobby, and I’m hoping to have it at a testing stage around December


Sounds amazing. I’m looking forward to the finished product. This will enable many mom-and-pop stores to setup a quick POS by just having a computer, android, and internet connection.


look promising…that would be nice


Great work thanks for sharing :smiley:


good work @SteveElliott keep up the awesome work :sunglasses::+1: