Phone pre-paid balance exchange for ETN


when you want to obtain ETN, you need to have a credit card (in order to purchase it using fiat)

but the reality is that many people don’t have access to one, for many reasons (age, for instance)

what if you could buy ETN through your phone’s carrier or operator, by exchanging it for your pre-paid balance, or scratching a gift card?

Converting Fiat to ETN without a bank

There is another coin that I won’t mention that is coming out soon which allows anyone to change there prepaid minutes into fiat even at a banks and is going to be rolled out in like 70 countries. They could exchange that into ETN through an exchange. But I am alittle worried about this coin as its targetting the exact same market as ETN maybe they will help each other who knows.

So your idea is a very good one as someone is already doing it but with another coin, its the entire concept of it. Hopefully ETN team are aware of it.


Yes, you have good reason to be worried about BITMINUTES (There, I did it for you). I hope the team are aware of it as well.


This is a joke project and a scamy one .


Interesting, it does look pretty scammy haha. In response to the OP, depending on your area, a lot of retail chain stores offer prepaid Visa cards to be used like a gift card. They work just like a standard debit card and you should be able to buy coins with them without too much trouble.


Looks pretty solid to me however, as an investor I never by anything until at least 3 months after ICO.


in my country (Tunisia) there’s a policy that limits
credit card transactions to local websites/vendors, (to conserve the currency value) which makes it impossible to to shop online without special authorization


Have you ever tried bypassing that with a proxy or vpn?


it’s more complicated, you can’t even use it when visiting other countries/regions, this Reddit post explains it better (read the replies)



I had a similar prepaid card idea


I also posted a great Crypto ATM Partnership Idea posted on our Reddit sub by another user.

Not sure if ETN can be implemented, but it seems very possible. They support many cryptos besides bitcoin already. Can purchase crypto or withdraw cash from crypto…Depending on what machine is in the location, some of the basic machines are just cash out.

That post could use some votes, so it gets noticed. It seems like a decent enough idea to look at seriously.

I still like the idea of the same agents that payout remittances who may also sell cell phone data and aritime plans being able to sell ETN or cash out ETN for a person. And/or prepaid cards. Where regulations allow those things course.

But why not pursue the already existing and expanding ATM Machine angle too?

Not trying to toot my own horn here, just sharing ideas.


phone/internet service providers already have the reach and scale necessary, you can top-up your line by going to the nearest service center or get a card from your local convenience store instead.

ETN can take advantage of this and make some sort of partnership to facilitate deposit/withdrawal to/from your mobile wallet.

the carrier/operator is the middle-man, and can regulate the transactions by adding fees and limits if needed, with respect to the KYC requirements already in place.

all this, without needing a bank