Phase 2 community Update from Richard Ells 19/05/2020

GihgfbElectroneum this your new 2 phase is hard please let There Be cloud mining and also be any task so that

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The phase 1 airdrop rewards are finished user9703.

We are now moving into phase 2, where people help themselves and earn ETN using the tools the team have provided.

Start looking at whats available and thinking about how you can use them to help yourself. :+1:

…obviously the amount of work required is much higher than just getting free rewards in phase 1, but so is the potential to earn within the eco-system. Cultivate that entrepreneur spirit!


Not sure who to contact. My last pending rewards before the cloud mining stopped never cleared the blockchain. About 88.33 Electroneum. Anyone know who I should contact to resolve this?

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It will sort itself, don’t worry. Any failures get resent. Be patient.


Good deal. Thank you. Just didn’t know if I should bring it to anyone’s attention or what the process is for monitoring those transactions.

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It’s automated…The system monitors failed tx’s. Just gets re-queued.

If you have any account related issues in future, raise a support ticket. :+1:


Kac like bir ETN dir?


Eletroneum is the best


Please account earning reactive

Unfortunately that’s not going to happen user10113.

The phase 1 airdrop rewards are finished.

Check the post above for some ideas on earning ETN.

hi there guys is etn still minable ?

Not directly no.

You can mine other coins and get paid in ETN using this pool.

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or buy an M1/M2 phone and still get the rewards. listen to RE at 1:44:35

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Que droga, cara… é uma pena ter acontecer isso.

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want u mean is mine xmr then convert it to etn ? as we cant mine etn anymore ? how do we get payed by etn don’t see it ? at moment I am mining xmr like to transfer that to etn . please advise thankls Thomas

That mining pool mines other coins, and pays in ETN. This is a community run mining pool, nothing to do with Electroneum. Join the groups in that link i gave you to ask anything more specific about the pool.

you can mine alts on a PC and exchange it to etn.

you can still mine etn (get rewards) on the M1/M2 phone.

of course a PC consumes considerable electricity when mining and the M1/M2 costs you money.

sorry pal the freeloaders’ time is over.

BTW the mining wasn’t completely free. you had to install the etn app, follow its updates and press a button once a week. that’s also work.

if you have some skills you could do digital work and sell it on to earn some etn

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It is very interisting

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