Phase 2 community Update from Richard Ells 19/05/2020

A large proportion of freelancers originate from less wealthy countries…and its fair to say a great deal more would if it wasn’t for the fact that using platforms requires bank accounts. AnyTask fixes that. Excellent platform to enable people to help themselves and join buyers & sellers from around the world.

Entrepreneurial spirit always shines brightest under hardship… i’m sure plenty of people will fully utilise the opportunities provided by AnyTask, TaskSchool and ETN to make their lives just a little better.

Looking forward to the rest of this year.


Your dead right about the radical move, it should not be like that out of the blue, what with the people in Cambodia where they did buy a lot of M1 with a package " mobile that pays you off", what they think about ETN now? At Least in these countries, it should keep going until the end of the agreement.
To stoop inflation is a very good movie but this coin needs desperately a good exchange as well for the US & some nice contract that would directly transfer to increased value, maybe this will happen in the future? :grin:


Rich already discussed the fact that M1 will continue to get rewards in his Q&As. The rewards fund will continue to be used to make the project a success, just within the realms of target release rate/inflation.


At no time did I say that free money should be continued, I just said that most poor people would go out, proportionally a good comment that sums up one side of my thinking is given by the user: “Pete”, read it. In spite of everything I see a good and noble part of this user’s comment to which I refer, it really is much better to teach the person to seek knowledge instead of winning everything for free, but again I say, if you affirm it simply without analyzing the context of a poor country is talking nonsense.


That’s good to hear.


The optics of this might’ve been better had they said rewards are being made conditional and will only now be awarded to M1 phone users etc.


for ALL, read what was written by the user “PETE”, ALL YOUR COMMENTS !!! they are extremely valid and with important points that are not being seen on the platform.

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Como usar essa ferramenta nova

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That is what exactly situation looks like, 100% agreed.

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Muito bom excelente qualidadr

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Boa noite como não consigo mexer .

Give a person some Electroneum for free you potentially help them for a day or possibly a short while.

However, give them the ability to earn Electroneum you can assist them for potentially a lifetime or at least a lot longer period of time through education and entrepreneurship reinforcing the ETN ecosystem which could then lead to other doors opening as well.

Electroneum is trying to alleviate and bridge ethically and conscientiously the disparity between the haves and have nots on a global scale.

It is one of a handful of coins/projects that has with an industrious team overcome numerous hurdles to bring the project to where it stands today.

Of course I want free etn air dropped to me for effectively doing nothing or very little click the app once a week or refer a few friends/family members but does this ultimately push the project forward?

We all want the value of ETN to go up will this be achieved by giving free ETN away hand over first?

Look at the credentials of ETN:

Probably the greenest most energy efficient cryptocurrency.

Probably one of the fastest in remittance and notification.

Probably one of the most secure in that it is not susceptible to 51% attack.

Probably largest user base for everyday transactions for real world usage.

Probably the easiest to use for end user via app interface.

These are but a few of the strong points of Electroneum.

The one draw back at the moment is current value and hopefully Phase 2 will start to address this and gradually stabilise and then increase the value which will help everyone.

I have trialled and tested ETN thanks to the rewards system I like it now if I want more I need to be creative and utilize the anytask platform to earn more.

Okay today I might not have the skills but within a few weeks task school should be up and running to help with that as well.

Effectively Electroneum have bored the hole have built a well and for the last several months they have been filling our vessels / receptacles with additional water for our daily requirements now it is time for us to do our own retrieval is that really too much to ask for.


Super exciting time for ETN after three years strong comeback :wink:
2020 will be surely a biggest year for ETN. Guys, HODL tight, otherwise you will regret for your lifetime.
Adoption is coming baby :wink:

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Yeah all perfect… just a value is sink deep as was a few weeks ago… sad to see that :disappointed:


Please how can I register to earn


I’m just a user so you better ask the pool owner on telegram.

or here from the pool owner @Crypto_Kangaroo


Legal a iniciativa porem tem que aver a posibilidade a mineração, afinal foi pra isso que utilizamos o app.

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Pls, before i updated my app i had up to 500etn rewards, after the update nothing is left. Am i gona get it back???


Read the original post to know what happens to outstanding balances 8078.

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Benim hesabimdaki etn ler nerede?

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