Perspectives: E.T.N. and where you are at now!

So when I started on this grand ETN adventure I was in right from the I.C.O. I had no clue what I was getting into other than it just felt right and that I looked forward to the journey that I was about to embark on, what ever that may be. I am still as entusiastic today as I was from my first day getting involved!

My question to all of you is, how to you FEEL, in where you are today from when you first came on the scene with E.T.N?

Are you just as stoked as day one?

Are you as excited as ever that you picked the right team to invest in?

Are you happy with the community that has been created?

I know most of you will answer yes but I am looking more for a how your journey up to this point has gone and where you would like to see ETN in the next few months and beyond… and GO !!!

My honest answer is that my feelings have matched the price. Its been a slow decline with high spikes but I still believe the end goal will be achieved. I havent sold any and still pick up peanuts from other mining ventures converted into ETN because I dont see many other projects making the impact Electroneum will


I feel a lot better about my investment now , more than I ever have. It kinda feels like when you are patiently waiting to get on a roller coaster. You are scared and nervous about the ride you are preparing to embark on, yet you know that everything will be OK and to just go for it. I don’t care about missed deadlines that $hit is for the birds. What I can about is delivery and the more I see the more I want to invest. Thanks for reading #ETNEVERYWHERE.


I wasn’t really expecting a good ROI until mid 2021. Which is how much time I think a project needs to really build momentum. If you look at the next stages, the gig economy will be next, but from there it will take time for people in the developing nations to get trained in providing digital skills and this is a key part of the ecosystem. Im guessing 2020 will be a year of training in digital skills and 2021 it will begin to kick off. While of course in-between now and 2021 the team will continue to expand into more and more countries continuing to get more and more users. Either way, the team has a solid plan. Im sure there are some huge things going on behind the scenes that we have no idea about. Things that will come to fruition in two to three years time. Patience good people.


I always look at a investment based of the product or company cycles. when going in to a new one it will teke 3 years before it is fun to see the value…Rome was not built in a day. I know in 10 years we will laugh of where we are to day, and 10 years ago most of us did laugh of crypto… ETN have since ICO delivered above expectation and done all task in my time frame, not the stated ETN time frame, so i am happy. The only thing i am not happy with is the lack of possibility to create private groups on the forum.

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