Personnel Announcement


Jurgita Rhodes has left Electroneum to focus on her work with Marquis Media Partners.

We would like to thank her for her efforts over the last 10 months - especially around our introduction of KYC where her expertise has been instrumental - and wish her well for the future.


Awwww missing Her already


Thanks for the info. And have we some info about blockchain conference where she was attending?


This explains the coo no show , thanks for the information.
Hope all is well behind the scenes at etn and we are still marching forward…


Thank you @ImogenD and also enormous thanks to Jurgita Rhodes for her dedication and hard work at Electroneum. Without such a great Team ETN would not be where it is today: Well-positioned to launch to the next exciting phase. Onward and upward!


This is the reason why she didn’t show up.


yes, that would very interesting to know


Ok I don’t know that she wasn’t at the conference. Thanks for clarification.


This post just featured in a All About Tech most recent Video on YouTube.
And my comment is #1


I am assuming that there was no ETN exposure at the conference then?:frowning_face:


Sad about this… Wish you the best Jurgita Rhodes


Does it mean ms.jurgita does not made a prior notice advance before she left…
Coz if the team or mr ells know her plan, then why she is the one who will participate on the paris conference if the team know that she will not fit anymore on that specific task…