Personal username


It would be really helpful if we get a possibility to create a personal username. Something like $bernard. So that we can easily send etn to friends and stuff.

Hope this is coming

I was inspired by handcash:


I believe Rich said in an interview from a few months ago that you’ll be able to send to someone using phone number/browse your contacts, i’ll try to find the vid


That would be really nice!


Yeah, i suspect this will come for transactions between accounts. Will be nice addition.


was gunna post / suggest this, glad someone got to it… :slight_smile:


Yes. this would definitely be a great addition to the wallet services.


thee future for etn is looking great , fingerprint please …


Richard also said it’ll come in the same interview as sending to contacts i think :joy:


A lot of people asked for fingerprint. It’s easy to implement its actually on most of my money / banking apps. It’s just a function of the phone, that the app needs to link to. A simple line of code. :slight_smile:


I’d like that instead of putting in the passcode everytime . Would be a great update along with the cloud mining