People dont like taking selfies and putting in personal data


I just noticed on the play store that more and more negative voices are coming up.

Most people dont like the way mining works at the moment. Their biggest critique is
A) Having to take Selfies
B) Slow Mining / Payouts.
C) KYC seems to trigger for many people too early ??

I believe each of these points ca be fixed.
A) Another alogrithm that detects real users
B) Having some kind of opportunity to speed up the mining and payouts and make it possible to do something that can boost mining speeds like a game ie.
C) Fixing and improving the KYC process

What do you think ? How can the ETN app be improved ?



I think this is a train that a lot of people will complain about but when it takes off, it will be too late and they will do anything to be on board despite their prior complaints.

The teams steps have been planned out and everything has been for a reason. (In SA the miner gives about 400 ETN a month) Its okay not to like some of the things they do, but it is business. How crazy would you feel if ETN is worth $10 in 5 years and you missed out because of selfie phobia. And how crazy would you feel if now you mine 100 ETN a month and a years worth is worth 12k…And you got it for free. What would that mean for an African Hodler in poverty with those same scenarios. That would cuse a domino effect. Lets have some perspective and vision. :wink:



I just tell them that FB have plenty of info on you. Every single thing you ever said is logged. My bank knows all kinds of info on me, and I trust them not at all. Paypal, Apple, etc etc. It’s a long list of organisations that have my details. Also explain to them how important it is to partnerships and governments. If we want to be legitimate and accepted, there are some rules we have to play by.






I think ETN shouldnt define itself by price and hype cycles.

So I kindly disagree. In my opinion ETN stands out because of its ease of use, great community and possibilities( Like gig economy, and free money). It is crucial to listen to what the majority wants to make ETN exciting for investors and users.

I know that many things are in the pipeline so I just want to get a discussion going about the current issues people see.

Incase you dont see that the negatives are really accumulating here is a screenshot from the “recommended” reviews. There is plenty more like this.:

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I think its fun taking the selfie. :slight_smile:

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