People complaining about the price



Many people are complaining about the price, how ETN is **because it doesnt move in price etc…

So, i did a screenshot of coins from rank 20 to rank 40 on cmc.

…no more talking, picture will be talking here…


Dedication. 20 lollipops


And this is ETN


Ours seems similar to the first two at first glance with no manipulation and just attaches to bitcoin let’s just see us stand on our own two feet after the coins are not in the 1% and in real peoples hands and with areal use case senorio and it will have a valid growth pattern of its own and “Soon” I believe but how “Soon” I don’t know let’s just wait for dynamic growth to shift naturally to see, and with Asia and South America next that’s doubling up or doubling down as they say! Great news and brilliant for graphs!!! Look forward to that one in a few months #initforthelonghaul #electroneum