pending balance is not being transferred to my wallet


Hi all,

Normally pending balance is supposed to be transferred to wallet every 10 ETN.

But now my current pending balance is almost 40 ETN but is is still not transferred to my wallet.

Can somebody put a comment why this happens?




New payment amount 100 ETN




Thanks for the explanation. It was 10 ETN before but now changed to 100 ETN. I just see it.


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how long does it take for pending balance to be transferred to the mobile wallet? Mine has been pending for over 2 weeks



I will direct you to this thread below that was recently posted that answers that question along with others. :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:




My balance on Cloud mining is now over 330, I have done my selfie pic etc… is there just a lot of congestion?

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Welcome to the forum :wave: have you done both selfie pics?

Q1: The cloud miner is not paying some people after they hit 100 ETN. There are a group of people with 150+ ETN accumulated that are just stuck without getting paid and are just accumulating more ETN mining. What are we doing about this?

Nick: This is related to selfies being stuck. We would encourage people in this situation to use the EXTEND function within the CLOUD MINING tab to determine if they need to repeat the selfie process. If you toggle the miner off and on and it does not ask you to take a new selfie, that means you have now been added to the payment queue. Keep in mind this process can take up to a week until the ETN is paid to your wallet.

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I reached 100 ETN and the app said “Payment Processing”. Then, it changed to “Selfie Verificaion Failed”. I created a ticket and asked what was wrong. They stated a bug in the system prevented selfie verification early on. I took a new selfie several days ago and it has said “Payment Processing” since then. Should I create a new ticket ? Am now at 130 ETN.



No, you just need to redo your selfies.

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