Payments on AnyTask and the inception of the freelance platform powered by debit/credit card

I thought Richard explained it very well why they don’t have ETN as an option. Have another read of his post again. If and when the ETN economy grows much larger it might be put in as an option but for now most of the people using the services will just be normal bank users . The idea is mainly to move money from the main stream economy into the new ETN based economy being created in the developing world. The way the partnerships are setup to run the site and move the funds requires a more main stream approach.


So isn’t there a risk of other companies refusing to accept ETN for the same reasons that AnyTasks don’t?

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I suppose but the way things are setup now is in the first instance you have people able to do the mobile top ups and you have an ever expanding range of places that do accept etn. It will take time of course to develop the etn economy but the ground work is being done - it will likely grow exponentially over time. Once its established that etn has value more people will accept it. Remember this is primarily designed to empower the people who don’t have bank accounts and the only way they have to use money and interact with the world is through crypto and the phone. It may not be that people in the west have many outlets to spend etn for a while but as the economy grows more businesses and chains will get on board with it. When you start to see chain stores like 711 etc accepting it that will be truly awesome. It just takes time but if you look at the last two years the growth and development of etn has no peer in the crypto space.

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번역을 해도 무슨말인지 이해를 못하겠어요.


Dear brother,never expect a 2 years old kid to get cup against Bolt in olympics games…
Given time , @ETNCEO will sort out all the ways to get things done…
If possible we as community should give the +ve vibes to them…
Very happy, the way Anytask was put in place…
congrats etn team


So isn’t there a risk of other companies refusing to accept ETN for the same reasons that AnyTasks don’t?

Companies which accept ETN via the Electroneum wallet can do so in confidence as its fully KYC/AML compliant. That was the whole point of introducing mandatory KYC/AML for people using the Electroneum infrastructure built on top of the blockchain.

It’s very very unlikely that people in the target demographic, who sell their services on AnyTask will want to buy those same services from others… as was explained above, Electroneum have provided the technical means (instant payment) and incentive (MVNOs and partnerships) for thousands of companies to integrate and give people places to spend their ETN… this is already starting to happen.

The way has been built creates a FIAT entry point from parts of the world who a) are affluent and most likely to buy Tasks, and b) have easy access to banking services and likely wont want to touch Crypto.

Forcing the injection of FIAT into the eco system at this entry point will be very healthy for liquidity, whilst helping keep the process simple from a legislative point of view. Makes perfect sense…it can be added at a later date.


@BegaMutex, do you think there’ll be a time where the ETN paper wallets are phased out as they cant be KYC’d?

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Nope, not possible M44.

The blockchain has no controls or restrictions that could implement KYC/AML checks, only the infrastructure/services built on top of it (those are the interaction points for commercial entities to use ETN and thus have KYC/AML).

Interacting with the blockchain direct is not controlled by Electroneum unless you use their infrastructure & services (instant payment / my.electroneum wallet etc) not if you do direct via CLI.


What’s more important, the success of anytask or being able to buy a task with ETN?

Richard has explained it, for one it brings new money into ETN while also making the process simple for the buyer.

Also, enabling direct ETN payments from buyer to seller opens the possibility for bad actors to take advantage of the situation and opens the door to launder money. So imagine someone forcing multiple people to create somewhat fake seller accounts that appear totally legit and even perform some legit tasks…but are actually there for the sole purpose to help launder money for someone or some criminal organization.

You think these people can’t figure out how to use the CLI wallet?

Why expose anytask to these things when it’s not needed.

Plus if they are working on fiat off ramps, once that’s available in some capacity, then accepting ETN for payment from buyers probably puts them in the money transfer business or the exchange business, which they aren’t licensed to do globally or in any capacity anywhere that I am aware of.

Sounds like a good way to get anytask shutdown to me. And not exactly the way to show regulators that crypto can be a good thing.


I wish I could give this response more :heart:. Perfectly put @Dngruss!


It is VERY important to me that we are a blockchain project through and through. Cold storage is a critical part of crypto “If you don’t have the keys you don’t have the crypto”. We make crypto SUPER accessible. With AnyTask online and weeks away from full launch, I would argue that we are a whisper away from being the MOST accessible cryptocurrency anywhere in the world. However, I’ve always said that you should not keep the MAJORITY of your crypto wealth in any custodial storage system. We make using and earning ETN easy - but if someone accrues a large quantity of any cryptocurrency, they should really use their own storage if they are able to - which protects them against any unauthorised access to the custodial wallet system. The cold storage system was one of the first things we developed because it’s very important to me. We won’t be removing it.


Thanks for the reply @ETNCEO, it’s really nice seeing you on here more this last week - long may it continue :smile:


If he continues delivering the amazing things he has, I don’t mind the absence. :star_struck: @ETNCEO

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