Payment via App in Online Shop / Experiences

Hi Everybody,

first of all wish you a Merry Christmas and sorry if there is already a topic similar to this one.But maybe i have done just now the first successful transaction with ETN in Germany;).The Online Shop is called “Biodaloe”. The whole progress was really nice and smooth. After choosing the payment method, you scan the QR-Code and have immediatley your instant paymant notification in the app with the shop´s name in the transaction history.
The whole paymant progress from “pending” , running throug the blockchain and status fully “completed” took about 30min, the vendor gave me the feedback that it has worked. So from the technical side, everything was fine.

But imo two things are also very important.

  1. The progress of making your payment is really easy to handle, transparent and cheap for both.
    choosing this one as a payment method is easier and faster to use than e.g. using creditcard or paypal.
  2. second factor was the experience of using a total new thing. there was a feeling like pioneering.

Making a real order and paying with ETN was a totally different thing concerning the feeling of value, you could say something like an “enhanced value”. I am absolutely convinced, this project will be successful and the vision the team and community has, is reachable.

Wish you all a Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Chris!

Special Thanks to Thomas from Biodaloe!:wink:

Nice writeup.
Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks Thomas from Biodaloe