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It would be great if in anytask would accept multiple payment options. I noticed that when going to purchase the task you need go pick up your card to fill up the info. For Example accepting Mobilepay or app like that would make the payment way more easy when you just need to sweap to pay for task.
Hope I made my point clear, Thanks!

Hey! Welcome to the forum. Can you tell us more about Mobilepay?

Mobilepay is developed by Danske bank. Very handy app. To get started with app you have to add your payment card to app, you can add multible cards aswell. After the fast verification process you can send money instantly to other users by just entering receivers phone number, app retrieves phone numbers from the address book and then verifying payment just swiping.
I don’t know how world wide this app is but guess it is worth a look if there is some use for you.
here is some screen shots from app. Guess I can’t add screenshots from app.
here is developer link to Mobilepay https:// developer. mobilepay .dk/

This sounds exactly like the system PayM in the UK. It cost a fortune to implement across financial institutions but its hardly used

Yea i guess there are many of these king of apps. Here in Finland is also Pivo. https:// pivo .fi /download/
payment type like this could maybe lower the step for making the purchace

Particularly for myself in the UK, Apple and Google do a great job in handling payment card information, making it easier and quicker to pay. I just question the need for another third-party in the payment process, or maybe I’m missing something?

Yea guess those work also great. I just noticed that I didn’t make the purchace for small payment because I never have wallet near me where the card is, but I most of time have the phone near me to make the payment.
Hope I make my point here.

Guess I’m just lazy sorry :smiley:

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Haha I’m the same, don’t worry!!! That’s really interesting to here though. Do you use PayPal at all? I tend to fall back to PayPal when autofill doesn’t work and I can’t be bothered to find my wallet!

Ha, yea PayPal works great also, I use it for Ebay purchases, so effortless. That would be great if possible to add it to payment methods, Thanks! :slight_smile:

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