Payment ID Missing

Greeting All,

I have missed mentioning the Payment ID while transferring token to exchange and because of it can not be get created to my exchange address, and even exchange[BitBns] is denying in retrieving those token.

Is it possible to get those ETN token back to the wallet?

That’s not physically possible im afraid.

If you go into your mobile wallet, open the transaction where you sent the coins to bitbns, there is a “Prove sending” button. This opens a webpage which shows the transaction sending to their wallet.

Add the URL of that page to your support ticket (or screenshot if you cant add links) to show you sent the coins to their address.

However, as the deposit page clearly says, if you forget the paymentID they may not credit your account anyway so its all in the exchanges hands. Only they can help.

Good luck and ALWAYS remember to closely read instructions on exchanges or it can lead to a very costly mistake.

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Greeting Team,

Thank you for your response.

Don’t we have option to recall it. Though on Electorneum block explorer says found has been transferred to given address.

Then how we are saying it can be recoverable without payment id. Please refer to attachment.


Once the coins are sent, nobody except bitbns can do anything with them 11524. Its physically impossible, blockchains are immutable.

As the guide you showed above says, contact the bitbns support desk and ask them if they are willing to help you with the mistake you made. Good luck, hope they can sort it for you. :+1:

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