Pay It Forward For M1 Phones


I just put this in another topic too but curious what you all think about
this idea.

Perhaps the ETN team could get M1 retailers to add an option like a donation/pay it forward button for those who got the means to help pay for M1’s for those in countries who could use them. Also, if Electroneum itself is going to be selling the phones retail they could also add a donation button for M1’s via the ETN app too. ( Thanks for this additional idea @Plankton! )

There could be an opt in section for those who don’t have the money to get a phone and as donations come in people can get their M1 phone fully paid for using a next in line list and keep getting more phones out to people as the donations continue to come in.

Say we get hundreds or a couple thousand people who donate 1-10$, you can imagine the outcome. That’d get M1’s in many hands of people who need them all over the world and bolster sales overall in addition to looking really good for any retailer adding this feature. Something like this would also help with brand recognition for all the retailers as well providing this option & spread rapidly by word of mouth.

I think a lot of people would get behind this idea as well as the retailers if it was presented to them.


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Yes, I like this. You beat me to it. ;p



I like it, will help out if that becomes available. :+1:



Thank you, it’d be a fantastic idea if that could be integrated on various M1 retailers and it’d really bolster sales whilst helping lot’s of people.



Awesome! Thank you. If we get enough people that’d put phones in the hands of many.



If having an $80 phone that pays you is life changing in these regions, just think if you got a free phone that pays you and what kind publicity that would provide.



Absolutely, and word of mouth would absolutely explode, it’d spread like wildfire.



I’d be willing to donate a phone and some air time if given the means to do so. If it goes well, I could donate a couple more.



I’d like your thoughts on this too @ETNCEO, @chris.gorman, @Rach, @Jeff_Knight, @MSystem and others not coming to mind right off.



Yes,yes,yes! That is what I am trying to do all along, get the attention of someone in the team to see my post and to the masjine to role out? Maybe they are doing just that now at the moment in South Africa? But yes, I want to help if and where I can!



Fantastic! it’s awesome to see people all come together for the common good and help others in need. This could become a massive movement overtime, get thousands of phones or more long term in peoples hands all over the world in regions where it’s needed.



I like this idea. Had been thinking along these line since I heard about the phone yesterday. This will go a long way if we all make it happen



Yep! ETN could reach out to the retailers and I can picture in my head seeing a section for for people to do donations to pool funds this way, it’d also bode very very well for the retailer too I think and definitely increase sales and put them in a very positive light.



Well let’s see if we can get the team to come chime in on this, the more of the community that comments the more likely it’ll happen. I’ll tweet this out in a moment too and bring some more attention to it.



Maybe The Unlimited could put a donation page on their site where people can donate directly and they can distribute the phones directly when they have funds to do so…assuming they are distributing them? I don’t know how these phones are being put in people’s hands.



How do we go about to ask or get the team to help us, help others? I do want them to give us guidelines, not to overstep?

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Well the thread is just to share the idea and it’ll of course be up to the team if they’d like to try putting this into place with M1 retailers. It’s completely up to the team if they want to or not.



Yes, lets hold thumbs, thanks, this makes me proud to belong?



I just tweeted out this post and tagged Electroneum so let’s see if anything comes of it. I think the idea is really solid.



@The-Magic-Man has an awesome thread too helping raise ETN to get phones to people too!


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