Party For Electroneumners By 2025


All else held constant when one ETN hit $500 by 2025 then we should organise a world wide electroneum party where we be riding in our lamborghini, Ferrari, Personal Jets ,Bugatti etc
To show how far with come.
It’s just an imagination tho.


My name first on the invitation list!!!


There I’ll be!! But no with Ferrari, with my Audi A4 SW, with my wife and baby.


Another One more success, more wins more buying of electroneum


I will freaking join!!


That will be reality soon just keep buying and holding


3 days that ETN is stable @,021, with pikes of ,023. Good job ETN. Hope to be rich soon and give some money also at child hospitals. Childs are the only thing I really care


You’re a hero within maybe God bless our Investment and makes us rich


Hope god will listen us because of our honest needings… And give us a little chance to help someone who really need help…


Absolutely precise and It’s going to happen


Put me on that list sir. I will be riding there in my Pickle Bike and a Toga.


Hehehe hehe you’re the man


First 1$ ( in 6-12 months) and then 5$ (12-18 months) and we will see the potential…


If I become a multimillionaire i don’t need no flashy cars or a helicopter. I will come in a taxi or on the bike. In the Netherlands where I live most of them millionaires go by :bike:


Wow it’s in the bible love some what lavishly


Etn 2.50€ by Q3 2019


That’s why I love Holland… I’ve seen cars only in the cities to move faster, but in the residential quarters alla moving by bike. Amazing.


Because you have a flat land with no hills and no mountains :grinning:


Count me in for the Party!


Lets do this! Count me in.