Partnerships in Africa

Good day ETN Team

I would like to find out how does one become a Partner, what are the minimum requirements etc?

Please email me.

Hi BitKonex,
Could you give us a few more details, i.e, where you are located? How you would like to use or partner with Electroneum etc? If you could inbox me a few details i’ll be happy to enquire for you.
Kind regards, Imogen D.


Hi @ImogenD

I am based in South Africa, but originally from Zimbabwe.

The same agreements that The Unlimited entered into with ETN, I want to know more details. We have a Financial Services Offering (Insurance, Savings and Credit) and we would like our members to start adopting the use of ETN and be able to pay for some of their services and products by ETN (more in an automated way) whereby they just say pay for my insurance from the ETN app and it comes to us. (The company).

Please inbox me with more info on how to become a partner just like THE UNLIMITED MVNO.

Hope the above is clear.

@chris.gorman @Nick


BitKonex Thanks for getting involved with ETN! from a proud South African, ETN Lover!


Nice …

@BitKonex welcome to the community and this sounds amazing…

I hope the team contacts you… this is a fantastic idea…



Thank you for giving ETN an opportunity for more partnerships!