Partnership with TPAY

TokenPay is the biggest crypto out there who is forward seeing beside Electronem with their banks and ability to buy certificates (ETF) without SEC approval. A partnership for the banking side, even though ETN is going after unbanked, will benefit on both sides of that coin. Better acceptance from the already existing crypto community. Im tired of hearing shitcoin comments. Dont put ETN into one bucket by going after telemarketing and unbanked. I know we have the instant payment platform coming soon. How cool would that be to get in with the banking system to use. Just another huge avenue for a larger mass adoption base.

I like the idea, but don’t trust TPAY after the alt coin tourney and there close ties with Verge. Seems like a kid with too much money running that show.


TPAY needs to mature first.
They have some good things going, but also a lot of unsolved support cases, wich are not being adressed (ignored).
Let them clean up their own mess, before it becomes our mess.


I wouldn’t trust TokenPay cuz of the altcoin blitz scandal. Too bad they had to show they are immature.


This ^^^

Also… thanks for helping me earn my quote badge. =P

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I agree, their behavior was totally ridiculous and I don’t think would be a good match for ETN personally. Spending money on fake votes for themselves and to try to sabotage ETN was enough for me to say it’s a bad idea.