Partnership with

MFS Africa allows 180 million African mobile phone users to send money to each other. I would like to see a partnership with Electroneum (maybe a third party) where African users can buy ELECTRONEUM using MFS africa payments. This way they do not need to register at an exchange.


Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for this! I’ve passed this onto our Business Development team. If you have any further ideas like this, please do share!

What is the current solution for African users to buy Electroneum without an exchange or bank account? Besides selling tasks on anytask?

There’s a multitude of ways a person without a bank account can acquire ETN, be it selling their skills through AnyTask, or selling products and services in person using the app. Entrepreneurial retailers could also begin to offer local ETN exchange services, enabling people to exchange ETN locally without the need of a bank account or online exchange.

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