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Fiverr provides micro services for cheap prices ($5.00 being minimum) and I have used their services before. Many of the service providers are from India, Africa and other places where ETN’s “Banking for the unbanked” philosophy may work. Check them out and others like them as a partnership may be a great idea.


I had forgotten about fiverr thats a good point, could open them up to more people who don’t have a bank account…


As far as I can see, Electroneum’s website will be in direct competition with Fiverr - with the big difference that users don’t need a bank account in order to withdraw funds.

With Fiverr you need a bank account or PayPal account. And if you withdraw to PayPal you still need a bank account to withdraw from PayPal to get it into your hands.

So one option is to join Fiverr and make use of their infrastructure which are already in place. The other option would be to go a seperate route and rather use the crypto payout option as a competitive advantage.


Fiverr is the worst website for me now.
I have used Fiverr in the past but now for a 5$ order, they charged you 2$ so you pay 7$ for a 5$ job.
There is an article on the web about a Serbian seller who says that from a 5$ order she receives only 3$ because of the Fiverr and Paypal withdraw rates.
So they shave 2$ from you at the start and around 1$ from the seller and they motivate this because they offer 24h customer support.
They clearly did this on purpose to maximize winnings.


that’s true. I have the same opinion about Fiverr