Partnership with Eligma

Eligma is a cognitive commerce platform powered by two advanced technologies that include Artificial Intelligence and blockchain. The project will transform the way of shopping by offering a new way to discover, track, purchase and resell the items online. The platform has come up with advanced features that provide a “one place” from where users can shop from all the online stores across the world from anywhere.

They already have instant crypto payment called Elipay, with possibility to integrate other currencies. Payments are currently possible with BTC, BCH, ETH.

This would bring real mass adoption online and offline.
They are based in Slovenia, but first expansion is in UK.

I am just Eligma supporter the same as Electroneum. Not conected with them in any way. :slight_smile:

Great move there. But have you gone through their road map???

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Whos? Eligma?
I know they are still on the beginning.

Step closer to main adoption.

I think it would be grate if ETN and Eligma could work together :slight_smile:

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How did I miss this @Jernej and @KarEnTam?! :exploding_head:

If this concept is actually working, ETN definitely needs a presence there. @ETNCEO ( I know he’s got a lot going on, but couldn’t hurt.)

So, how is this coming along?

On a slightly related note:
That’s it, I’m moving! How about getting me a job at Pipestrel? Test pilot? (Ok not any time soon)


@Dr_Jan_Itor It is working. I was one of first beta testers for Elipay.
Some really good stuff going on and more to come.
It is also AML and KYC compliant


Just video