Partner with Bittube


The best marketing team in crypto (ETN) should partner with the best up and coming video content company using blockchain.

Both are real companies with real business fronts with real teams working on real problems. Everyone needs a way to transact and everyone watches videos. Seems like a perfect marriage.


I literally just hopped on to write this same topic. I love this idea, ETN would be the major tipping crypto for bittube.


But bittube already have there own crypto called tube? plus they also just got an agreement with mastercard and are getting there own debit card.


why would they limit themselves to their own crypto?


So they have more control and thats what they are already invested in. The concept behind bittube is you use there crypto. thats not to say they would never use any others but I think it’s unlikely people will just use exchanges…


To not understand why this would be beneficial is a little short sighted. I would explain, but ultimately it doesn’t matter what either of us think. I’ll let the teams see the suggestion and determine if it is beneficial for the two companies themselves. No matter what, both companies will thrive.


Im not saying its not, reading through bittubes whitepaper I got the impression they wanted tipping to be done with there coin not really others but I wouldn’t complain if they accepted ETN I think it would be a good thing just not sure I could see it happening.


I understand that 100%…but a 2.1+ million following can entice you to do a few things different. Just say’in:)


We do definitely have strength with our high user numbers, I think that is Electroneums strong point is its not just about being the best at everything but building a strong brand and having alot of users. Im very interested in Bittube and ETN, I have an account on Bittube and a Youtube account I make videos about both platforms. Not sure if im allowed to post link here but its called The D Show

We could knock on bittubes door like yo whos knockin me and 2.2 million other people lol


but if electroneum’s ecosystem is about digital work, i think animation creation for bittube channels is great way to incorporate the ETN ecosystem


Funny you should say that for reasons I do not want to talk about here because it is out of scope. But please visit my bittube channel under this name and learn about the crytotubers discord. We are building the largest interactive crypto video content creator forum in the world. Give it a look! But this partnership has a ton of benefits for both sides and I hope the teams seriously consider it


Would be great in theory but Bit Tube has tube already. Bit Tube has a while before it gains traction it’s still pretty mediocre as a service


It is already gaining traction. There have been a number of bigger youtube content creators move over just this past week.

As far as service, it works. I see it as kind of a working alpha/beta product where it is not always a smooth viewing experience…but the whole concept and ecosystem works 100% and it will only get better. It is a lot like youtube was when it first started, for those of you that remember.

Needless to say, It’s a lot further along than most crypto projects in existence (including some with the highest market caps as I write this)…not many can say have a working product.

The partnership is simple:

  1. ETN brings the numbers and bittube provides a service and platform people enjoy (perfect marriage)
  2. both currencies could be used to tip
  3. There can be direct interchangeability between ETN/TUBE directly on both platforms without the need of a third party/exchange
  4. TUBE has a MasterCard backed debit card, something many would like ETN to have
  5. ETN can put TUBE on their instant payment platform

That’s just to name a few benefits off the top of my head.